Men's Pelvic Health Workshop

With Debbie Dillon Pelvic Health Specialist Physio and Corali Sacerdote Pilates Teacher & Pelvic Health Exercise Programmer

Saturday 1st February 2020 9.30am-11.30am

Location: Pilates Body Aligned Studio,

Mendip Court, South Horrington, Wells, BA5 3DG

Cost: £20 Including drinks and mid-morning snack!

Debbie will start the morning workshop. She will help you to find, connect with and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. She will help you understand what feels right, what is wrong, why men can leak urine or have erectile dysfunction and how we can deal with it and how to exercise effectively.

The workshop is ideal for ALL MEN  but perfect if you are;

  • Awaiting prostate surgery
  • Post prostate surgery
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Leak when you laugh, cough, sneeze, exercise
  • Have the urge to go to the toilet and then NEED to go
  • Have pressure or pain in your pelvis/rectum
  • Want to get clued up on your own pelvic floor/core

The second part of the workshop will be taken by Corali, who will focus on showing you how to do good movements to start connecting the pelvic floor area, including correct breathing patterns. Then more challenging movements will be taught, increasing the demand on the pelvic floor muscles, with some homework exercises to take away on the day.