PelviPower for Female Vitality

A strong pelvic floor – for strong women

PelviPower training stimulates both deep and superficial layers of tissue and increases cellular metabolism. This encourages tightening of the tissue and improves blood flow to the skin, supporting the fight against cellulite and weak connective tissue. What’s more, tissue stimulation and the energised metabolism heighten a woman’s sexual sensitivity and the ability to achieve orgasm. Complaints associated with menopause can also be alleviated. Breeze confidently through menopause with the newfound energy from your body’s core.


Many women suffer greatly from bulging layers of fat around the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs. But they don’t have to! The pelvic floor is among the most important muscle groups in the body. It gives the inner organs firm support and contributes to harmonious shapeliness of the stomach, pelvis and buttock areas. PelviPower stimulates blood flow and metabolism in subdermal layers of fat, tightening the stomach, buttocks and thigh muscles and reducing the emergence of cellulite.


Many women desire sexuality, but are often insufficiently stimulated to achieve orgasm, a level that varies from person to person. The pelvic floor plays a major role in sexual experience. It surrounds the entire vagina and is rightly considered the centre of pleasure. Regular pelvic floor training promotes blood flow in the pelvic floor and facilitates sexual pleasure. The ability to orgasm increases. Physical sensation of the body improves. PelviPower lets you take back control of your own sexual pleasure.

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