PelviPower for Incontinence

Urinary and faecal incontinence impairs your quality of life at all times. Your bladder dominates your daily routines. Leaking and loss of urine or faeces put a strain on your everyday life. Absorbent pads are an unsatisfactory, temporary emergency solution. With PelviPower, we help you regain some of your freedom. You train simply and conveniently and learn how to control your bladder, so you can go back to doing what you enjoy, whenever you like.

How will PelviPower work for you?

  • Magnetic field therapy to strengthen the musculature
  • Simple and painless training
  • Non-invasive training, meaning: You take a seat on a chair and train in your normal clothing
  • More effective than standard individual training
  • Confirmed by scientific studies
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Noticeable stimulation of your muscles from the first session
  • Personal training profile from our certified trainers after the first trial session

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