PelviPower for Male Vitality

For erectile dysfunction after a prostatectomy

Men require a strong pelvic floor as much as women. The PelviPower RPMS (repetitive peripheral muscle stimulation) method helps men experiencing erectile dysfunction and impotence. It stimulates blood flow to the genitals and normalises muscle tone in the pelvic floor. PelviPower can also significantly improve the situation of men affected by incontinence after prostate surgery. Whether it is used in rehab facilities or to prepare for surgery on the urogenital system.


The blood vessels, the nervous system, the hormones and muscles must interact to ensure a sustained erection. The pelvic floor plays a significant role in achieving and sustaining an erection as well as during ejaculation: The muscles provide pressure in the corpora cavernosa and prevent blood from draining away. If the impotence you experience is due to a weak pelvic floor, there is a risk that it may develop into incontinence in later years. Training the pelvic floor with PelviPower can improve both potency and counteract the risk of incontinence.


The pelvic floor plays a significant role prior to and after a radical prostatectomy (removal of the prostate). The external pressure on the urethra is gone after a prostatectomy. You may experience unintentional leakage of urine and incontinence if your pelvic floor is too weak. Estimates suggest that every second man does not plan for sufficient rehabilitation after cancer therapy – despite the massive effects on everyday life. PelviPower training helps you strengthen your pelvic floor, regain your continence and prevent erectile dysfunction.

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