PelviPower for Mothers

Pelvic Floor Training Before and After Child Birth – be ready and able to enjoy your child.

Pelvic floor training before and after childbirth is an important preventive measure and helps mothers to heal. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and the stress of childbirth cause a great deal of strain on the pelvic floor. Effective pelvic floor training with PelviPower is an ideal method to ensure good recovery of your pelvic floor. We recommend Biofeedback training before childbirth followed by a combination of biofeedback training and magnetic field therapy to help with post-natal recovery.


Childbirth is an immense challenge for the body, particularly the pelvic muscles. Biofeedback training lets you train your pelvic floor effectively and without exertion during pregnancy, ensuring you experience as few complaints as possible before and after giving birth.


After giving birth, women may experience a temporary loss of urinary control. Faecal incontinence can also occur after an episiotomy or tear. PelviPower training is a quick and effective method of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You only need to invest 15 to 20 minutes for one session every day to feel noticeable results and a stronger pelvic floor.

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