PelviPower Magnetic Field Therapy and Biofeedback Trainer available with Debbie Dillon at Mendip Court

What is PelviPower?

The newly developed PelviPower training addresses a growing need in all sections of society. Most people in Western society work in a seated position. And even when we move, we still spend long periods sitting in cars, trains and airplanes. At the gym, we tend to work on our exterior musculature, neglecting our core, the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles. The non-invasive PelviPower training is a simple and effective way to strengthen the pelvic floor. With the unique combination of magnetic field therapy and biofeedback training.

PelviPower is a new method that trains your pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles simply and effectively. State-of-the-art medicine combined with effective individual training – patented certainty thanks to the globally unique PelviPower module.

With expert guidance from Debbie PelviPower can help strengthen your pelvic floor.

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